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Detail Packages                                                       
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3 
Level 4                                                                          
Full Detail Packages
Level 1 - Focusing on deep cleaning the interior. (Your Daily Driver) with a hand wash of 
the exterior paint, spray wax, wheels cleaned. Shampoo carpets, floor mats, seats - leather or fabric.
interior plastic panels cleaned. Clean all glass, Spot treat headliner. (Meguiars) line of products used.
$175.00 2dr sedan
$200.00 4dr sedan/small Suv   
$225.00 Truck/Suv Lg.  *Heavily soiled vehicles add $35.00+
Level 2 - Focusing on interior and exterior. Hand wash paint, * Hand wax, Clean wheels - exterior,
* clean barrel of wheel (inside). Clean and * Dress tires, Clean all interior panels, Shampoo carpet, Mats, Seats, Clean glass, *Clean and condition leather, Spot treat headliner. Full (Meguiars) line.
$225.00 2dr sedan 
$250.00 4dr sedan/smll Suv  
$275.00 Truck/Suv Lg. *Heavily soiled vehicles add $35.00+
Level 3 - Focusing on everything. *Engine bay cleaned & dressed, wheels full detail - exterior, *barrel, *calipers, clean and dress tires, hand wash exterior, *claybar,* Hand wax, Complete cleaning of interior - all interior panels, seats, carpet, floormats, spot treat headliner, cleaning all glass,clean and condition leather if appicable, trunk cleaned. Full (Meguiars) line used.    
$300.00 2dr sedan 
$325.00 4dr sedan/small Suv 
$350.00 Truck/Suv Lg. *extremely soiled vehicles add $35.00
Level 4 - (Auto Enthusiast) Focusing on increased preservation of the interior and exterior paint.  Upgraded methods and products used. Hand wash with 2 bucket method + use of foam cannon with premium car shampoo, claybar, machine polishing, hand wax with show wax or Premium sealant . All interior panels, carpets, seats + condition, floor mats. Full wheel detail - wells, exterior, barrel, calipers, lug area, clean and dress tires, clean all glass, engine bay cleaned and dressed, trunk cleaned. Attention to detail at the highest level. Gyeon & Sonax line of products used.
$400.00 2dr sedan  
$425.00 4dr sedan/Small Suv  
$450.00 Truck/Suv Lg. (8+ hours) *extremely soiled vehicles add $35.00
Paint Services
  • (NEW) Clear coating system Kamikaze (Miyabi) - Ceramic coating, applied over existing clear coat. Never wax again ! Amazing shine & hydrophobic properties watch water shed instantly.
  • Paint polishing - increases overall shine. Car (small) $200.00   Suv $250.00   Truck $300.00
  • Paint correction single stage - corrects lite - medium scratches & swirls. Clarity & shine increased. Car (small) $400.00   Suv $500.00   Truck $600.00     (6-8+ hours)
  • Paint correction double stage - corrects medium - heavy scratches & swirls. Clarity & shine increased.  Car (small) $800.00   Suv $1000.00   Truck $1200.00    (12-15+ hours)
Other Services                                                                         
  • Leatherique - leather restoration - bring that leather back to life. Creates soft supple leather.
  • Headlight restoration - The right way - wet sanded and polished.  
  • NEW) Clear coating system Kamikaze (Miyabi) - Brilliant shine. Last 18-24 mo.


  • Wash & Hand Wax $50.00 +15 suv & truck   
  • Engine detail +35.00  
  • Full vac. $25.00                                 
  • Claybar service +30.00  
  • Wheel detail - full +50.00 (waxed)
  • Maintenance detailing - set up a weekly or monthly detail.... (Call)  937-407-1477 
Kamikaze Ceramic Coatings
Kamikaze Miyabi Coating - (Ceramic Glass Coating) a permanent coating applied over your existing clear coat.  Adds a tough yet elegant shine to your vehicle it is also hydrophobic,  beads water off instantly. Coating lasts 18-24 months $350.00 +150 (trucks & suvs)  (Call - 937-407-1477) 
  • Kamikaze Overcoat - A spray on protectant wet look, hydrophobic properties - lasts 6 months.
       better than wax. Vehicle will need to be clean. Hand wash & Apply kamikaze overcoat - $75.00
  • Headlight restoration - Get rid of those yellow headlights - $99.00  +15 (trucks) 
  • Leatherique - Leather restoration service - brings leather back to life $199.00
  • +20.00 (trucks & suvs) * Restores worn & dry leather.


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